7 March 2007

Nora Ephron: 'Everything is copy'

Nora Ephron won the thanks and praise of adults around the world by writing an infectiously likeable and in its own way penetrating film about a relationship called ‘When Harry Met Sally’. It was so good, it bought her so much credit that most people can still forgive her even after ‘Bewitched’.

Apparently she wrote books, which I have heard of even if I didn’t know they were by her. After this, I might seek them out.

She now blogs occasionally for the Huffington Post, and here she is confirming something that I have always suspected: that blogging is actually an entirely new genre of writing.

Arianna Huffington first asked Ephron to write a blog for her when Mark Felt was revealed to have been Deep Throat. "So I tossed something off and got this huge response, and it was fun to do." In the two years since then, she has blogged roughly once a fortnight, on politics and the media and whatever is happening in her life at the time. "I learned that this is a different way of writing - you have to do it really fast, and if you don't do it fast, you're making a mistake. If I'm working on anything for more than an hour, I say, this is not a blog, I have to stop right now, cos I'm writing a column or something else."

What's the difference?

"The function is different. The function of a blog is on some level to start a conversation that you're not involved in any more because you've already had your say. That thing of coming right off the news - did you see what I saw this morning, can you believe it? - has a kind of fun appeal.

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Nora is the personification of blogging