13 July 2005

New title

Okay, so both of my readers might be annoyed by the continual changes in the title of this blog, but I promise this is the last one. Like a band that can't make its mind up about the name, different parts of myself have been nagging at me to come up with something I can live with for more than a fortnight.

The last title "expletive deleted" was a little joke I made with myself in the afterglow of the Deep Throat revelation and general nostalgia over Watergate. I realised after five minutes that virtually nobody got the reference, and it didn't really help even if they did.

The problem is that the blog-world is replete with young, hip comedy and TV writers who keep the rest of us from taking a twelve-gauge into the office by being insufferably flip and amusing on a daily basis. They also have the cheek of being good looking, sexually adventurous and under thirty. As anyone who has looked at this blog could testify, or those who've actually met me, I am most certainly not one of them. Most of the time, I'm a miserable bastard.

So this blog doesn't occupy that territory. Therefore, I've crossed out every neat pun and zippy cliche I came up with. There is no "I'm on your computer" or "Reasons you will hate me" here. I'll leave that stuff to other, better qualified, better looking, funnier and more talented people.

So I've gone with "Sign language", which is dangerously close to a pun, at least in the sense I mean it, but I hope in a good way. It was the title of my Masters thesis, and I must admit I've never tired of it. That's good enough for me.

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