11 July 2005

Waiting for Mr Godot

Heard over the loudspeaker at Canberra Airport last year:

"We are awaiting a passenger who has yet to board flight 810 to Brisbane. Passenger Godot, if you are in the building, please proceed to departure gate 12 for boarding."

I swear this is true.


Michael Leddy said...

Ha! Which pronunciation of "Godot" was involved? (First syllable, GAH doe; or second, guh DOE.)

Crritic! said...

Hi Michael,

No Australian would ever pronounce it GAH-doe, with the possible exception of Mel Gibson, or Rupert Murdoch.

More of your GOD-oh kind of thing, with the very flat vowel.

Actually that reminds me, did you know Mel once played in "Godot", with Geoffrey Rush? That was back in the days when he still had his accent.