12 August 2005

To boldly go...

I’m not sure what is the most disturbing revelation from this little byway in the history of space exploration, but you can take your pick:

* Over the past five years, NASA has spent US$60 million delivering water to the International Space Station on the space shuttle (6 tons at a cost of about US$40,000 per gallon).

* The world’s first sub-orbital flight was executed by a man who had just wet himself.

* The Gemini and Apollo astronauts wore plastic bags taped to their buttocks. After defecation, the crew member was required to seal the bag and knead it, mixing in a liquid-bactericide to provide the desired degree of 'faeces stabilization.' (Why didn’t we see THIS on ‘Apollo 13’?)

* The first men to walk on the moon stepped onto the lunar surface wearing nappies.

* Astronauts are drinking their own piss. (Maybe we should be sending them barrels of mouth wash as well?)

* Poo and wee is, as we speak, orbiting the earth.

Astronauts discover deposits of frozen urine on Mars.

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I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

Eeeew, you are a man possessed for the seedier side of trivia...wish I'd found out that stuff...it's way too good. So the frozen packages which occassionally fall from the sky, could well be NASA waste and not airlines??? How'd you go about proving that, I wonder...but then again I can be a sick little individual sometimes. LOL