22 November 2005

Big hands

This is already starting to sound old fashioned, but when you're using a 35mm SLR camera and winding the film on, you often have to take a few shots to get to 'zero' on the film counter. Most people just fire them off without thinking, because these are the frames that don't usually come out when the negative is developed. These are also the frames that tend to get burnt out with light leaking onto the film before you close the camera.

They're often worth paying attention to though, because these can be very interesting accidents all by themselves.

This doesn't apply with digital cameras, but because you're not firing off film every time, they encourage people to point and shoot at just about anything. I've become quite addicted to this idea, and often stick the digital camera in interesting places and fire a few off just to see what will happen.

I've started to collect the results. Every so often, I'll post one here. This is one of my favourites, taken during a work lunch.

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I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

Pointy pointy finger, trying to make a point on an issue.....? Tie does NOT go with that jacket and French cuffs nned to overshoot jacket sleeve a tad more