21 November 2005

The Little People!

I love weird pulp paperback covers, though I must confess I am not a paid-up aficionado like some of my friends. But this far and away the most bizarre book jacket I have ever seen.

Just imagine the pitch. "Okay, so it's about these nazi leprachauns, right..."

Apparently, the back cover blurb reads:

The Little People - Elves? Demons? They speak German. They carry whips. And they are connected in some mysterious way with Nazi experiments carried out in the charming old Irish castle during World War II.

For this I have to thank the wonderful Crud Crud.

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I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

Now that is really really sad and the people of the Sidhe will get you now just as sure as Finn Mc Cumhal is the stuff ot legends. Who'd dream up something like that?? Puts Thomas Harris to shame in the sick department