8 December 2005

The Museum of Bad Album Covers

Every so often you come across something that neatly encapsulates everything that is good about the internet. Such a site is the Museum of Bad Album Covers.

We’re not just talking Herb Albert and His Tijuana Brass bad, or even Village People bad. We’re talking high voltage, off the scale, river deep mountain high, turn the amp up to eleven bad. We’re talking stuff like this:

They got up that morning, had a shave and a shower, got dressed and looked at themselves in the mirror and thought "You know Sven, you are one bitchin' motherf***er!". Now, at what point was the mistake made? I'm not sure.

What's with the shoe? And why in God's name is it brown?

Is there a poo theme developing here? Is he going down or is he coming out?

Lordy. Where to begin? I'm not sure which is worse: what the woman's up to on the cover or the possibility that it's an album of ventriloquism. Note the clever pun: Dick and Willie - are you with me?

About as funny a police photo of a murder scene, which it strongly resembles.

New from Nietszche records! (Is this an alcoholic hallucination?)

"What is happening to the poor man at the front daddy?"

John Wayne Gacey's Greatest Hits.

Nirvana's first line-up.

"Not the foetus in the rubbish bin AGAIN?!" New on the Vatican Label.

The folks at Bad Album Covers invite votes on the top ten worst covers in their collection. The winner was a cover of such wrong-headed awfulness, such offensive stupidity, that I’m afraid I can’t bring myself to put it up here. Suffice to say that it is "Virgin Killer" by The Scorpions, for which someone at RCA records should have been sacked and quite possibly prosecuted. I’ll link to it here.

More at Show and Tell.


I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

Sad, sad, and really right out of wrongtown...artistic license is one thing but this stuff is beyond definition. I love the head dos on the first one..I thought I saw a young Ray martin there. Perhaps he was a fan? LMAO

I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

Then they just get really really sad and slightly sick..perhaps it is a bit like seeing if you can sneak something past the censors with an "artistic" cover or maybe the "Hef" has a sideline as a cover designer

Crritic! said...

Yeah. Spinal Tap's "Smell The Glove" wasn't far from the mark at all. In fact, it's down right conservative compared to Scorpion.

Enzogopher said...

urgh....that is so so wrong on so many different levels. I still think the virgin killers album was the most repulsive and offensive creation I have had the misfortune to lay eyes on though. But if you had included that dad People would actually have to LOOK at it, and I wouldn't force that upon anybody, especially if you want them to ever glance at this blog again. love you daddy.