2 March 2006

Miles and Coltrane

I couldn't resist this. We've seen it before but it remains great and I just wanted to see it on my site: Miles Davis and a configuration of the 'Kind of Blue' band with an extended brass section featuring John Coltrane. Would this be 1960? 1961?

Coltrane's solo is particularly stunning.

It's striking how little mind anybody seems to be paying to the fact that they're on television. It could be a rehearsal for all the difference it makes, as Miles and others stand around chatting, smoking, waiting their turn.

Eight minutes and 22 seconds of glory.


Michael Leddy said...

Beautiful! The Paul Chambers major chord at the end was a real surprise to me -- I've previously seen only excerpts of this clip.

It's difficult to believe that this music -- absolutely timeless -- is now almost 50 years old. Thanks, Sean.

I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

AIn't it great shame there is'nt more stuff on Glen Miller and co, only old film archives as he was pre TV