3 March 2006


People have asked to see some of my pictures from Italy. I'm happy to put them up but a little concerned to know how I should do it without making it possible for people to rip them off without permission or attribution. I might put the whole lot up on Flickr when I work out how to do it properly.

Until then, I'm putting some here as relatively low-res files that can be viewed perfectly well on the screen.

They were taken on a small point-and-shoot digital camera. Hope you like them.

If anyone is interested where these were taken, I'm happy to provide details.


I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

I think I know where they were taken, have to check my album to be sure. NIce piccies...good for point and shot diggie ones mine are more point wobble and shoot and maybe get a picture in frame or focus LOL ;)

hot soup girl said...

I'm fascinated by the mustachioed cherub. You don't see that every day. Well, not in West Brunswick, anyhow.