11 September 2006

Dizzy's to close

I was really saddened this morning to hear that Melbourne's best jazz venue, Dizzy's Jazz Club in Richmond, is to close.

No doubt the folks at Bennett's Lane would claim that title for their own Melbourne institution, but for my money, Dizzy's is just about the perfect setting to hear live music in this city.

To begin with, it is housed in the eccentric Richmond Post Office building, a bit of Edwardian whimsy on Swan Street. The band room is roughly circular, meaning that it was virtually impossible to get a bad seat and you're never too far from a drink, as the bar stretches across the far wall. The acoustics are extremely good, and it has a democratic, unpretentious feel.

Apparently, it was not down to bad numbers on the door, but rapacious new landlords. I sincerely hope they can get something settled to the satisfaction of all parties.

The final show will be at 9pm, Saturday, October 21, featuring Dizzy's regulars in a jam session led by directors Roger Clark & Steve Sedergreen. We are told that a new venue is a possibility.


cookie said...

That looks like a seriously cool place to see a show, don't miss that last one.

Timothy said...

The last night at Dizzy's was absoloutley fantastic.

Apparantly there will be jam sessions at the Night Cat, Johnston St, Fitzroy from now on.

Its a pity to see such an iconic location of the melbourne jazz scene shut its doors. Perhaps the new owners will have a change of heart.