16 March 2007

Hot Dog!

I love this. Genuine ephemera. The lady looked puzzled when I asked for just the bag, thanks.

So what's going on here? I think our sausage is looking happy about something, possibly 'excited expectation'. My daughter thinks he looks frightened or apprehensive. I can't see it myself.

But what, in god's name, is he doing wearing skis? Is there some obscure refernce to 'hotdogging' I don't quite get?

The irony is that I was looking a bit sunburned at the time and was wearing shades and a fetching panama hat. It was not winter. In fact, I don't think Port Fairy has seen snow since the last Ice Age. He's definitely not from these parts.


Michael Leddy said...

That's a nice find, Sean. "Hot dog" is slang. From the OED: "1. a. N. Amer. slang. One who is skilled or proficient in some pursuit . . . . Also attrib. or as adj. phr., good, superior. Freq. with connotations of 'showing off'. In some sports, e.g. Skiing, applied to 'trick' or 'stunt' or spectacular variations of normal movements." I love the OED's dowdy phrasing: "spectacular variations of normal movements"!

The first quotation for the word is from 1896. The first reference to the hot dog as food is from 1900 (that surprised me -- the "skilled or proficient" meaning was first). The first skiing quotation is from 1973.

What do you think that bag was meant to hold?

Crritic! said...

Judging by the size and proportion, I assume it held... a hotdog!

Interesting that the colloquial meaning predates the definition as food.

By the way, I love your word "dowdy" and have attempted to insert it into conversation whenever possible in tribute.

I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

I agree he looks scared and who would'nt be ...he's about to be smothered in suace, onions, and whatever else and eaten:(

cookiewonton said...

I agree with your daughter. And this would make a great t-shirt.