8 July 2009

Ballard Street: Sparky's portraits

From Jerry Van Amerongen's Ballard Street.


Michael Leddy said...

Sean, is the joke here silly and international -- that the dog's work is just "pretty good" -- or is there an Australian subtext I'm missing?

Crritic! said...

Well, you know, "silly and international" sounds a pretty good reason to me!

It's an American strip, so no Aussie subtext.

Jerry seems to hit a certain note repeatedly in his one-frame cartoons. A certain weirdness, but funny-weird, and familiar too. One shouldn't overthink these things, but don't we all have the feeling that animals are thinking and possibly doing things behind our backs?

Michael Leddy said...

"It's an American strip": oops — I didn't realize. Thanks for the introduction to it.

About animals: yes. When I see one of the neighborhood cats staring at me, I'm glad not to know what they're thinking.

Crritic! said...

It's probably something like "When the feline revolution comes, shall this one be saved? I think not..."