2 September 2009

Michael Lusk's disciplined eye

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A quality I sincerely admire in photographers is something I call "a disciplined eye".

I suppose I mean an ability to seek out and find pictures in the world, even in the most unremarkable and apparently chaotic places. By 'pictures' I don't just mean images, since anyone with a finger can make an image. I mean something with structure, whose features amount to an aesthetic argument of some kind, the evidence of a discriminating consciousness.

It's a quality that is so easy to miss in others, since our landscape is saturated in images so that we come to think that such things are part of nature. But they're not. They have be constructed from educated sensation. If you don't think it's difficult, just try it.

I found this person (photographer Michael Lusk) somewhere in the photographic dumpster that is Flickr.

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