19 May 2005

Arthouse at Reading Cinema

An important gesture has been made by Reading Cinema, which should be supported. In deference to all of us who's cinematic interests stretch a bit wider than Miss Congeniality, the management at Reading have initiated an arthouse program, screening once a week. This might have slipped our notice, as the announcement only appeared in a little box at the back of the local rags.

I encourage everyone to get themselves on the mailing list by calling 9744-8744 or emailing sunbury@readingcinemas.com.au. More impotantly, get along and support this initiative. Resist temptation to get the DVD out, go a little further and fork out the extra dollars to see it on the big screen. These sorts of things are done on an experimental basis, and if it is not drawing crowds and not economically viable to rent the print, the management will shut it down and it will be a long while before we can again enjoy movies with something to say at our local screen.

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