19 May 2005

Collins bookstore and that rumour

Rumours have been circulating around Sunbury that the Collins bookstore on Evans Street is to close. This, I presume, has been a product of the recent news that the parent chain, Collins Booksellers, is currently under administration. According to news reports, Collins was placed under voluntary administration in April and is expected to be able to continue trading its way out of financial difficulties. According to the reports, the chief cause of strife has been undercutting by department store chains.

The Sunbury store, however, will continue trading as before. Needless to say, if we want a quality bookshop in Sunbury, and God knows we need one, then we have to be prepared to support it.

These concerns may chime with an opinion I've heard expressed, that many of the larger stores who open small franchises in towns of Sunbury's size tend to struggle, as those who want that store's service would rather drive the extra miles to get the full experience rather than shop in a mini-version of the same store. One wonders if the trimmed down Bunnings will have the same difficulty.


Book Worm said...

Yeah, it's good to have a bookstore in Sunbury but it's so small that its range of books is limited. Most people wanting to spend some serious time (and money)in a bookshop would prefer going to one of the bigger stores in Carlton or the city, time permitting.

Guess who said...

oh ok. You could have told this to me in person, but no, when i asked you said hmmmmmmmmm. So umm dad? does this mean I can get a book now? Please???>insert big whiny voice<