28 November 2005

Not enough PALS for Medcraft in Hume

In an argument for the existence of karma, Jack/Steve Medcraft was defeated in Jacksons Creek Ward in the Hume Council elections. It couldn’t have happened to a better bloke. Pardon me if you don’t live in Jacksons Creek Ward, and you might not think this has anything to do with you, but you would be wrong in the sense that when justice is done it should lighten the load for all of us.

I am also delighted that Ann Potter was successful in shifting this roadblock in the path of Sunbury’s continued progress. Sunbury and Hume Council will be all the better for having an intelligent, experienced and level headed woman at the big table.

As Cr Medcraft showed with his divisive conduct during council meetings, vigilante-like behaviour during the controversy over a convicted sex offender who may or may not have been living in Sunbury resulting in distress to his innocent relatives, his relentless and frequently hysterical bullying of opponents and anyone he saw as an opponent on online forums, his attacks on Sunbury businesses, his self-promotion through the manipulation of the local press, and his politicisation of an efficiently run council, he was unfit to hold such a public office.

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Not the 6 o'clock news said...

My sentiments exactly Crritic. It's also noteworthy that Ann won on preferences this time, just as the former Cr. Medcraft did previously. To coin a phrase, 'justice not only to be done - it has to be seen to be done!' And in this case it's *poetic* as well.