28 November 2005

Drive-by comment on the AFIs

The AFI awards were on so late the other night, I couldn't be bothered. Not even to leer at the opening red carpet bits. Not even to laugh at Russell Crowe's band.

I thought the overriding purpose of the awards was to promote the Australian film and television industry? How can you do that when the thing is put out at midnight? What are Nine network programmers on about? Presumably the bad figures will be further justification for a late slot next year, and so on and so on.

Nice wrap up on Barista, with this beautiful paragraph about a film I had decidedly mixed feelings about, "The Proposition":

The Proposition got screwed. Some people say the script is a pile of second hand cliches, but the whole edifice combines to define a vision of the frontier that hangs your very skin out in the Queensland desert wind to dry on a stockyard fence.

Right on.

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