25 December 2005

Wish you were here

Happy Christmas to all.

This blog will be a hit and miss affair for the next month, as I'll be travelling in Italy, gorging myself on art and food in more or less that order. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to get to a computer, whether I'll have anything to say if I get to one, or even if this whole project might suddenly seem like a complete waste of time before the glories of ancient Rome and the Renaissance. Who can say.

After most of a year cultivating this habit, I still have no idea whether anyone reads this thing, apart from the adorable Supamum of course, so I can't be sure whether this affects anyone. So being the week of Christmas, New Year and my 37th birthday, it seems as good a time as any to reflect on what I'm doing with my time and whether it has any value. If you ever read this blog and find it worthwhile, or not, feel free to email me or leave a comment, as any sort of commentary from my readers, if they exist, would leave me somewhat the wiser.



Not the 6 o'clock news said...

Lucky sod! I envy you your adventure and I read your blog regularly.

Watch out for pickpockets!

I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

And don't get your bottom pinched....enjoy, eat, revel and be aghast at the history and majesty of it all. You know I read and I'm sure other do to...expecting a full blog report complete with pic and repitoire of eateries, food, wines and places visited during or upon your return...RIGHT!!!

Michael Leddy said...

Sean, I'm reading this post having just watched Stalag 17 on dvd (and having just read your post on Billy Wilder again). Keep writing! And enjoy Italy too.

And Happy Birthday.

Perico said...

Hope you're having a blast, mate.