27 March 2006

Cow Whisperer

It's in the nature of my line of work that some pretty strange things come across the desk. This is one.

Now, am I off the mark to think there is something not exactly right about this? What is she doing with the cows? One appears to be lying on the girl or across the girl and she doesn't appear to be unhappy about it! Bovinophilia?

One wonders what the Minister thought about his commitment to launch the document when he got a look at the cover.

I haven't got a scanner handy so I can't show you the reverse side, but maybe a description will suffice. In a layout mirroring the front cover, a meatworker wearing a gauntlet and holding a large cleaver smiles for the camera as he slices through a particularly fine looking set of spare ribs.

Cow love.


Michael Leddy said...

I just taught the story of Europa and Jove (Ovid), and you're on the mark -- something is not right. Run, fair maiden! Run!

I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

ANd what's wrong with a bovine pet ??? Every child should grow up with one who thinks it is a dog...or was that just my cousins and I? They look like Braham cattle and it you ever patted one your would not mind being next to them...hide like velvet, but I digress.

Not the 6 o'clock news said...

umm - the girl looks like she's been chopped with that meat cleaver and has been placed next to the beast - most unfortunate shot!

Crritic! said...

Thanks Michael. You're always raising the tone round here!

Supamum, your obvious affection for Brahman(?) bulls does you credit. Hide like velvet, eh? Who would have thought.

6 O'clock, that is a truly unfortunate image. Now you've spoiled it for me.