31 March 2006

More boring stuff about me

I’ve been tagged by Supamum, whose wrath is terrible indeed, so I feel I must submit lest she hurt me (when we eventually meet).

Accent – I’ve read that there are three basic Australian accent types, which vary only slightly with region, which is odd considering the country’s about as big as the mainland United States. There’s cultivated, broad and general. They’re defined mainly by class, but also other factors like occupation. Bricklayers, for example, are more likely to speak with a broad accent (with heavy emphasis on the vowels), than say, members of the Melbourne Club. My father speaks with a broad accent, which was very common to his generation. Mine is general, though I seem to get broader when talking to mechanics.
Booze of choice – For beers, I like Cascade Premium, and have recently started drinking Nastro Azzurro, which I discovered in Italy and for some reason is cheap in this country. I love good reds, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon. Scotch and Dry.
Chore I hate – cleaning the shower.
Dog or cat – Neither. I have children instead.
Essential electronics – CD player
Favorite cologne – Giorgio Armani that someone gave me.
Gold or silver – silver
Hometown – Springvale, but basically anywhere in Melbourne Australia.
Insomnia – Oh yeah.
Job title – Federal Electorate Officer (“staffer”).
Kids – two
Living arrangement – rent house with partner (female) and my two kids.
Most admired trait – I really have no idea. What a dreadful question to think about.
Number of sexual partners – Let me put it this way: there are priests who have had more.
Overnight hospital stays – one, after contracting an obscure bone disease when I was a young kid.
Phobia – spiders. In Australia I think this is called self-preservation.
Favourite quote - Asked whether he was an atheist by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Kingsley Amis replied, "Well, yes, but it's more that I hate him."
Religion – ex-Catholic, now agnostic, but with an interest in religion as a form of human creativity.
Siblings – a brother and two sisters, all younger than I.
Time I wake up – 7am, day in day out.
Unusual talent/skill – I have an unusual inability to click my fingers.
Vegetable I refuse to eat – cauliflower.
Worst habit – procrastination.
X-rays – many many of them on my left leg (see Hospital above).
Yummy foods I make – Omelettes.
Zodiac sign – Capricorn, like Jesus.


I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

You are so kind and thought no one cared if tagged* sigh* It was fun was'nt it????

Not the 6 o'clock news said...

You poor blighter - Supermum promised me a get off 'scott free' card....

I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

It does not last forever, NT6 but has expiry date...bit like at the Governors pleasure...wotchit!!!!!