18 October 2007

Big Heads 2

Here is the next in a series of large scale drawings I've been a-workin' on for some time. Last time I posted a drawing as a progressive sequence, but here is the finished article.

It started life as the top half of a toy my son likes to play with. Actually, he appears to enjoy playing with the top half more than he ever played with the complete toy.

An extraordinary thing. It's a crude transformer-type toy which begins as a black rhino. By moving the hinged pieces about, it transforms into an extremely angry muscle-bound man with a very suggestive yellow horn on his head. I was hit between the eyes with the metaphorical significance of this bizarre thing. The man's rage seemingly provokes his literal metamorphosis into a rhino. A depiction of raw Id if I've ever seen one.

The other odd thing is that he seems to have already possessed animal attributes before the transformation had begun, with this bizarre phallic horn on his bullet head, as if the first stage was taking place when this first impression was made.

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