5 December 2007

Please forgive me, I've been away...

Please accept my apologies for neglecting you, most grievously. Let's just say that my professional obligations rolled over the top of every other aspect of life (almost), but I'm happy to say that the outcome was rather positive. Like, pinch me in case I'm dreaming positive.

Anyway, that's all outside the mission of this blog, and cultural life does not grind to a halt just because of a measly election. "On", as Beckett might succinctly put it.

For no reason other than that I like it and I want to see it on this page, here is a stunning caricature that appeared in The Australian's Literary Review this morning. It is of course V S Naipaul, who is called "a prig, a prick and a pig" by Peter Craven, a man not generally given to beating about the bush, as you might tell from the headline.

Anyway, it's by Eric Lobbecke, and it is a stunningly dynamic drawing, especially the hair and the confluence of features around those doleful eyes.

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