18 July 2008

Fashion and the art of motorcycle maintenance

I have never actually driven (as opposed to been driven on) a motorcycle. I imagine it's wonderful and exciting, but I'm frightened to death of... well, death. I like the idea of several inches of steel and glass around me as I hurtle down a highway at speeds likely to result in mutilation should I come suddenly into contact with a stationary object.

But this stuff is so damn sexy I would get on a cycle just to have an excuse to wear it.

An outfit from France called Les Ateliers Ruby make these vintage-style helmets that are things of beauty. Their website is also a thing of beauty.

Thinking that there couldn't possibly be a retailer in my country I was surprised to find that there is in fact a stockist in Sydney, Deus Ex Machina, who fill in the rest of the picture; the kinds of jackets, T-shirts and indeed motorcycles that provide an excuse to be seen in the street wearing a gorgeous helmut without frightening small children.

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