21 April 2006

Industry Group CEO takes Smylex!

The Australian Industry Group are advertising an address to the National Press Club by Heather Ridout, CEO. Presumably she will not appear dressed as the Joker from ‘Batman’ who she strongly resembles.

Seriously, is Heather’s smile so wan and unconvincing that she needed such help from Adobe Photoshop? Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Check out the distance between the edges of her ‘smile’ with the placement of her teeth.

The Joker: New and improved Joker products! With a new secret ingredient: Smylex!


I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

That's just plain scary and should have an AO rating cause it scared my kids and I am not talking about the picture of the Joker either. Maybe she geninuely has nothing to smile about :(

Crritic! said...

I'd say with the WorkChoices legislation, she has quite a lot to smile about!

I am the Queen of F*%&ING EVERYTHNG...OK!! said...

Canit now be said that Workchoices is an oxymoron ?